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advanced project communication system for student projects




The C-BOARD is a client-server groupware application for communication-based project collaboration. This is not another substitute for your Project Ressource Planning Tool - the C-BOARD is an ideal complement that fills the gap of the urgently needed advanced project communication software.

This project discussion-board solution was designed to help students in getting used in project-collaboration in a team with locally distributed team-mates - it was designed to be usable with most free hosting providers - PHP, mySQL, some webspace and an email-service provider for the PHPmailer is all you need to get it running.

Project Work in a locally dispersed team configuration is the new standard - the C-BOARD helps the students in getting acquainted with:

  • using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • learn how to take advantage of communication-models

  • use the Riemann-Thomann personality test as an alternative to the DISC assessment

  • using technology for collaboration (CSCW)

  • having fun while learning-by-doing instead of frustration within a never-ending conflict situation.

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